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March 4 - 5, 2015 | Fluno Center | Madison, WI

Build relationships with key IT executive decision makers

Your sponsorship of Fusion 2015 opens a door to networking and face-to-face discussions with IT and business executives.


Fusion 2015 draws a well-rounded audience of decision makers including CIOs, CEOs, COOs and CFOs. Your sponsorship gives you access to sessions and networking to gage what is on their minds and discuss their concerns in an intimate setting.


In addition to passes for your staff, we will extend complimentary registrations to IT professionals that you invite from your clients or potential clients.


Sponsors have direct access to this audience and will enjoy improved exclusivity due to our policy of putting all non-sponsoring vendor registrations on a waiting list pending registrations from purchasing organizations.


80% of the attendees have come previously

75% of attendees stay for the entire conference

CIO interaction in sessions, planning, board meetings, etc.

CIOs are not required to have meetings with sponsors (CIOs actually agree to the meetings on their own)

Most CIOs pay to attend, and also pay to have staff members attend as well which means they see the value both in their time and money

Our CIO Partner Program: This is about real leads and relationship building programs not emails addresses and business cards leads, but real interaction for weeks before, during and after the event

CIO/Sponsor preconference workshop - find out what is on the CIO's agenda and what is coming down the


Sponsor Testimonials:

"The exposure to the CIOs and the networking opportunities were tremendous."


"The ROI on this one event makes this our go-to event every year."


"I appreciate the one-on-one interaction with all of our customers.  We'll be back next year!"


"I was skeptical of the lead generation without a booth or table, but it really was not needed and probably made this an even better use of our time.  I enjoyed the sessions and all the dialog.   Great resource"



Fusion 2015 Sponsors

Fusion 2015 Sponsors







Contact Details:

Fluno Center:

(877) 773-5866

601 University Ave, Madison, WI 53715

PO Box 930188

Verona, WI 53593

Contact: Deb Klein,

Executive Producer

(608) 438-1006


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