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March 4 - 5, 2015 | Fluno Center | Madison, WI




Keynote Session ~ Platinum

The Fusion advisory board works closely with Platinum sponsors to develop a session through which your organization can display its knowledge and expertise at an executive level. Not only do you have the opportunity to present in front of the Fusion audience, but you also benefit from interaction with executive advisers who help you refine and target your message. These are not to be used as sales presentations and slides (if used at all) will be limited to 10. All topics are vetted through the advisory board for interest levels, relevance, commercial message and appeal. See Speaker Guidelines for more information.


Briefing (Breakouts) ~ Platinum & Gold (40 minutes), Silver (30 minutes)

On March 4th meet with a group of senior-level attendees from end-user organizations (30 – 40 CIOs, VP of IT, CTO, IT Directors). This briefing will open up a two-way strategic dialog between you and key attendees and allow you to further demonstrate your expertise. Your presentation should not exceed half the time to allow for the last half to be CIO dialog. These are not to be used as sales presentations and slides (if used at all) will be limited to 5.  In the past, the most well-received presentations had no slides at all. The advisory board will vet your presentation and topic for relevancy and commercial messaging. Vendor/Sponsor attendance is limited during other company sessions due to seating availability. See Speaker Guidelines for more information.


Dinner Sponsor for Wednesday night March 4th

Introduce your company and welcome the attendees.  Branding on tables, etc.


Contact with the CIO Advisory Board influencing conference content ~ Platinum, Gold, Silver, Dinner

You'll be involved in calls and/or meetings with members of the advisory board to develop your topic and message.  See Speaker Guidelines for more information. Assigned a point person from the advisory board to help vet your speaker and topic.  Allows further involvement with the CIOs and one in particular.  CIO Meeting Dates: Oct. 28, Nov. 13, Nov. 14, Dec. 11, Dec. 12, Jan. 22, Jan. 23


Attend Advisory Board/Speaker Dinner ~ Platinum (3), Gold (2), Silver (1), Bronze (1), Dinner (1)

Members of your team will be able to attend the Advisory Board/Speaker dinner.  Your speaker is usually one of these passes.  Dinner is Tuesday, March 3rd in the Skyview Room on 8th floor of Fluno Center.


Sponsor Attendees - Platinum (4 passes), Gold (3 passes), Silver Dinner Bronze Supporting (2 passes)

Sponsor Attendees (includes speaker) - Register your sponsor and client invitations on the registration page selecting the appropriate level and then enter the promotional code given to you in a separate e-mail. Sponsor attendees include staff of sponsor company and not vendor partners.

Sharing passes is not allowed.   We understand that in some emergency cases, the need for substitutions may occur and ask that you notify us by February 20th if a substitution must be made.


Discount on additional registrations ~ Platinum 45% off, Gold 40% off, Silver 35% off, Dinner & Bronze 30% off, Supporting 25% off - Limit for additional sponsor passes is 2 - not to be used for your partners.

Due to space limitations and the quality of the audience we limit the number of vendors and sponsors who can attend.  Sponsors may purchase up to two additional passes with their discount - the use of the discount is restricted to sponsor company attendees and can not be used for partners.


Optional Complimentary Customer Invites - Platinum 3 passes, Gold 2 passes, Silver 1 pass

As a sponsor you have the ability to invite key customers and waive their registration fees. WTN Media will work closely with your organization to invite and target existing and prospective clients.  Client invites can not be used for sponsor staff or vendor partners.  Client invites must be used for end-user IT executives.  All sponsors may purchase an unlimited number of additional client passes using their registration discount (see above).


Logo on marketing materials and website and conference signage ~ All

Your branding is included on a wide variety of materials including the Fusion 2015 web site, brochures, flyers, e-mail marketing, and signs and slides at the conference. Brand exposure depends on which sponsorship package you choose.


Collateral in conference bag ~ All

Promotional items and/or company literature placed inside each attendee’s conference bag – maximum 8.5×11 size and 6 pages. 250 bags will be compiled. Small items such as pens, flash drives or other small tchotcki.

Ship directly to the Fluno Center, 601 University Avenue, Madison, WI, 53715 Attn: Fusion 2015.  Due by 2/20/15.


Option to rent private meeting rooms ~ Platinum, Gold

A limited number of meeting rooms are available for an additional $500 per day.


Ad in conference program ~ 2 Pages for Platinum and Gold, 1 Page for Silver, Bronze & Dinner, 1/2 page for Supporting

Due February 6, 2015


• Final trim size of the program is 8.5 x 11. Program will be saddle-stitched.

• 2 Page Spread - Bleed - 17 1/2" x 11 1/2" (Platinum & Gold)

• 1 Page - Bleed - 9" x 11 1/5" (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze)

• 1 Page - No-bleed - 8" x 10 1/2" (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze)

• 1/2 Page - No-bleed - 8" x 5" (Supporting)


• Maintain a .25" safe area from all 4 sides for text or content critical.

• Any elements (images, strokes, fills) that extend to the trim edge should bleed beyond this trim edge 0.25"

• Resolution: 300 dpi preferred; 200 dpi minimum

• Color: CMYK

• Format: PDF

• Fonts: convert to outlines when possible otherwise ensure they are embedded within the pdf.

When generating the pdf, review prior to submission. If the ad contains bleed elements on any of the 4 sides ensure that you generated the pdf to include trim marks and bleeds.


Attendee list

List does not include email due to privacy regulations.


 Contact sales@wtnmedia.com for sponsorship info.

Sold Out
1 left
Sold Out
Limit 1
Package Rate
$22,000 $18,000 $14,000 $12,000 $10,000 $7,000
Speaking opportunities during conference Two - Keynote & 40 min Briefing One - 40 min Briefing One - 30 min Briefing Introduction/Welcome No No
Contact with the CIO Advisory Board influencing conference content Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Advisory Board Member Yes No No No No No
Attend Advisory Board/Speaker Dinner on Tuesday 2 people 2 people 1 person 1 person 1 person No
Booth Size No booth No booth No booth No booth No booth No booth
Option to rent private meeting room Yes Yes No No No No
Sponsor Attendees 4 3 2 2 2 2
Customer Invites (Optional) 3 2 1 0 0 0
Discount on additional passes (limit 2) 45% 40% 35% 30% 30% 25%
Logo Display Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sponsor Listing on Website Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Conference Bag Collateral Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad in Conference Program 2 full pages 2 full pages 1 full page 1 full page 1 full page 1/2 page
Mailing List (Does not include email) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Contact Details:

Fluno Center:

(877) 773-5866

601 University Ave, Madison, WI 53715

PO Box 930188

Verona, WI 53593

Contact: Deb Klein,

Executive Producer

(608) 438-1006


Contact sales@wtnmedia.com for sponsorship info.


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