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March 4 - 5, 2015 | Fluno Center | Madison, WI

Attendee information to ensure that you have an enjoyable and productive time at Fusion 2015.



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Cancellation Policy: Let us know if you will be unable to attend by February 1, 2015, to receive a refund minus $50 processing fee. NO REFUNDS will be issued after February 1, 2015 but you can transfer your registration to another person until February 22, 2015 or receive a credit for another conference by notifying Deb Klein at deb@wtnmedia.com.


Fluno Center address:

601 University Avenue

Madison, WI 53715

877-77-FLUNO or direct at 608-441-7117


Parking Information:

The cost is $12.00 per day or $6.00 for the afternoon and evening in Lot 83 at the Fluno Center.


Additional public parking facilities are within walking distance to the Fluno Center if the Fluno lot is full and these can be found on this map – http://fluno.com/pdfs/FlunoCenterParkingMap.pdf. Please acquaint yourself with this map ahead of time in case the Fluno parking garage is full. Note also that Lot 46 adjacent to the Fluno Center is a 10 hr metered lot.



Driving directions from various points can be found at http://fluno.com/pdfs/FlunoCenterParkingMap.pdf.


Registration times and new location

Registration will be open at all times during the conference. Registration will take place on the second floor.  Signs will be posted.


Attendee Lounge

This unique simulcast lounge with offer attendees the ability to watch the conference in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere, sparking conversation and interaction.  Please use this lounge to review and respond to email, take calls or conduct business where this might be disruptive in the main auditorium. Relax, work, e-mail, network, chat, snack, snooze.

The Attendee Lounge will be open for the Keynote sessions on Wednesday afternoon and all day on Thursday.


Interaction during conference

Our conference succeeds through the active participation of its knowledgeable attendees. So, please ask probing questions during these sessions while also sharing your wisdom with us.  Fusion is made possible each year with the help of our many sponsors.  You are encouraged to speak to them and include them in your discussions - share insights and make plans to get together for fun and information.


Wi-Fi Access:

The Fluno Center has power ports at each seat in the auditorium. Please feel free to bring in your laptops. Free wi-fi access is also available. If you will be using your laptop during the presentations, please be mindful of those around you - put the volume on mute and be as light as you can with the keyboard.


Lunch Locations

Lunch will be served in both the dining room on the first floor and the Skyview Room on the 8th floor.  The menu will be the same in both locations.



Presentations will be available in pdf format prior to the conference. We will not be handing out paper copies of the presentations at the symposium.



Business casual but most wear suits and ties.


Conference survey and feedback:

A conference survey will be e-mailed to all attendees by Monday, March 10th. Please jot down any notes or suggestions you have during the conference so that you can include them in your comments on the survey. We value your thoughts.


IT Academy - Fusion 2015 Donation

In lieu of advisory board, speaker, attendee and sponsor honorariums, WTN Media will be making a generous charitable donation in the name of Fusion 2015. This donation will help students of color, and from disadvantaged backgrounds as well as displaced workers in search of IT careers.  Resources are now available to help organizations around the state to start programs modeled after the successful IT Academy at UW-Madison.  From our board and personal discussion, these programs are lacking in Milwaukee, the Fox River Valley and state-wide.

Sponsored by the UW-Madison Division of Information Technology (DoIT), ITA is an innovative, 4-year pre-college technology access and training program for talented students of color and economically disadvantaged students attending Madison Public Schools. Our mission is to prepare students for technical, academic, and personal excellence in today’s Information Age.

Each year, ITA competitively recruits 30 students in their final semester of 8th grade to participate in the program. Selected students receive four years of intensive training in preparation for high tech, IT related careers; in addition to intensive academic support in preparation for competitive University admissions and study. The Academy’s dual focus on academic excellence and technological literacy prepares promising students for learning and leadership in the 21st century digital age, and continues the University of Wisconsin’s long tradition of excellence and service.



Please feel free to contact Deb Klein if you have any questions or if need anything else to make your experience exceptional.



Hotel Room Block Information:

Room block expire on 02/03/15


Fluno Center


Telephone: 608–441-7117

Rate: $149 (no taxes)

Let them know you are with WTN Media/Fusion 2015.

Room block expires 02/03/15.


Hampton Inn & Suites Madison / Downtown

440 West Johnson Street (one block from Fluno Center

Madison, Wisconsin, 53703

Tel: +1-608-255-0360

Reservation Link

Room block expires 02/03/15.


Contact Details:

Fluno Center:

(877) 773-5866

601 University Ave, Madison, WI 53715

PO Box 930188

Verona, WI 53593

Contact: Deb Klein,

Executive Producer

(608) 438-1006


Contact sales@wtnmedia.com for sponsorship info.


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